So I suffer from a condition known to the medical community as Shitty Feet. I have made a huge effort to constantly wear supportive shoes but I had a lot of trouble finding many to try on in person and just am in pain all the time.

Lo, a friend alerts me to the existence of a store called Good Feet in my town and it is amazing. They have a huge selection of super supportive shoes, very knowledgable salespeople who can test and examine your stride and recommend types of inserts.

Yesterday, I invested in some inserts and a couple pairs of shoes and the pain that has been getting increasingly worse for YEARS has almost vanished. After one fucking day. My insurance doesn't cover medical custom orthotics and I just never found a real solution. While my trip wasn't cheap, it still cost less than the podiatrist and orthotics and maw maw orthopedic shoes.

I just had to tell you guys. Like, this is opening my whole world back up. I hope the success continues.

ETA, it is unclear from the website but this is essentially a good-shoes-only store.