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Shitty Landlords Are Shitty

UUUGH. Manquile and I recently moved out of our home about three weeks ago. Our new place is great, very beautiful and spacious, and just about affordable on my new bumped up salary. Our old place was gorgeous - I wrote about it a while ago. I absolutely loved it. However, it had the worst, shittiest shitty fuck landlords, and it was not really worth it to deal with them anymore.

While we were living there, we never thought we'd see them — they live in Russia and hired a management company to lease out the property and take care of repairs and everything. That lasted all of a month. I came home one day to find them sitting in my carport, waiting for me. I had the flu, my boyfriend had been off island for 3 weeks, and the house was a wreck, and so I didn't want them to come in and see the mess. They insisted and said it wouldn't be a problem. Cue the wife SCREAMING at me for the next half hour about the mess inside (seriously, the floor needed to be swept and the dishes weren't done. Not the end of the world).


Several times thereafter, Manquile or I would come home to find that they had GONE IN THE HOUSE WHEN WE WEREN'T HOME. One time they took one of our guest bedroom mattresses and put it outside, who the fuck knows why. Within a couple hours, all kinds of neighborhood stray dogs and cats had pissed on it. They moved things around while inside our house. Etc etc. They refused to admit that what they were doing was illegal.

Things got really irritating when we had a power surge in the house. A lot of our stuff was destroyed — expensive fans, chargers, anything that was plugged in at the time, as well as household stuff like ceiling fans, water pump, microwave, etc. The management company couldn't fix anything because apparently the landlords had stopped reimbursing them. The landlords refused to fix the stuff in the house because they insisted that it was our responsibility to make repairs to the house. The husband went so far as to insult my boyfriend and tell him to "be a man" and make the repairs himself. We went for 10 days without electricity or water. It was disgusting and horrible. They finally were forced to make the repairs once the management company basically threatened them on our behalf.


Now, we're out and it's lovely. However, they don't want to give us our security deposit back. We spent a lot of money getting the house cleaned inside and out, and we had the furniture covers dry cleaned. There is no damage from us living there, apart from regular wear and tear. The wife keeps insisting that we took things like a blowdryer, pots and pans, shoe racks, none of which we took (and none of which would add up to $1K's worth of deposit!). She once again screamed at us insanely, saying that we destroyed her bunk bed (it is dismantleable and we dismantled it!) and if we didn't put it back together she would keep the entire deposit. She tried to say we stole her damn bed (it was in the storage room downstairs, which she didn't bother checking. We have our own bed and didn't have room for hers). Basically she is insane and I really need this money and have been freaking out since this morning when the management company told me how difficult she is being. I know that legally we are covered but these people are so. effing. irrational. and it makes me really worry about how this is going to proceed.

Sorry this was so long, I'm really irritated and worried and needed to get it out. Please feel free to share your own nightmare landlord stories.

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