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Shitty McShitShit

Well folks things sort of exploded in the past couple days, I haven’t really felt like doing anything except sitting on my bed, watching TV, and eating cookies.

I’m sorry to report that on Sunday night, my husband started knocking on our front door and saying he was so sorry. He had a key to the deadbolt, but I had the other lock changed, so he couldn’t get in. I told him to go stay with someone else, that I did not want to talk to him. He just kept saying that he had nowhere else to go. Then he broke the door down.

Straight up ripped the doorframe out and busted down the door. Then he was pacing back and forth. He didn’t touch me, but he scared the shit out of me. I called the cops and he was arrested Sunday night, arraigned Monday morning. A no contact order is in place, but he came right back to the house after he was let out.


LOL nope. One stroke of luck: He dropped his keys on the floor after busting through the door. I told him I wasn’t opening the door, turned up the TV and stayed inside until he went away.

The door still locks now, but ugh now I have to talk to my landlord and try to get out of this lease. I did take his stuff off the curb and put it on the landing. That was a dick move on my part. I was just so fucking angry. I texted his boss and told him he can come pick up his stuff if he wants.

OH and I found a dead beadbug on the floor Sunday night. Sprayed bleach all over the mattress and inside the worn corners, which I’m not sure is a good thing. But it’s supposed to kill those fuckers, at least until I replace the mattress. But in an interesting twist, there are THREE mattresses out in front of our building today. Maybe there’s an infestation?

But I am okay and happy to be at work today! I love routine, even though it can be hard for me to get going. I’m feeling predictably guilty about the whole arrest thing, but I’m trying to counter that with self-nurturing. I like making collages in my journal, so I’m gonna start there.


Question — how much of this do I tell my boss? Would you tell your boss if you were dealing with a similar situation? I worked from home yesterday because I spent the whole morning in court, and I already told them that. But now everyone is all curious and I don’t know what to say. I told a couple people that my husband is a dumbass and got arrested for destruction of property. Because I didn’t think about this ahead of time and I stress out about lying. What would you do?

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