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Anyone watching the show Lucifer. Its excellent. Its about Lucifer the Fallen Angel who is on vacation in LA.


The most interesting scenes are between him and his psychologist. Last night they explored his relationship with his father. His psychologist she does not believe he is the Devil but decided to believe him as a way to get through to him. She is being helped by an angel who pretends he is a psychologist and has the next door office. She has no clue he is an angel.

Oh she is also having sex with Lucifer which they do after each session. A huge no no.

The show through these scenes portray him as a Devil not tempting those to do evil but as seeker of justice. Lucifer says over and over Humanity to her and his police partner humanity is doing fine on their own doing evil deeds he does not need to help them. He despises how his father allowed him to be seen as evil and on every persons shoulder.

Last night the psychologist countered with by saying his father sent him to rule Hell as an act of loving knowing he would be the strongest to do the job. That line really caught my attention and so contradictory to everything I was taught except for one high school teacher.


I do recall in high school in the 80s Catholic school who said in Old Testament Lucifer was seen as the cynic and the temptor not so much as evil. The teacher used Job with God believing Job will stay good Lucifer believed Job would break and hate God. Our teacher described this story as a story about free will. Job had choices he could make and it embodies is humanity essentially aspire to good or bad. Lucifer argued humanity was essentially bad thus Job would fail.

Our teacher also loved the three temptations of Jesus as another story about free will. Lucifer offered Jesus three things power, money and immortality. That they were incredible temptations but Jesus used free will .


I suspect my teacher would probably say “finally a show portraying the original version of Lucifer not the modern version”.

Yet this show seems to contradict totally so much of Christian teaching. This teacher who was a Brother, was the only one I ever met who believed the Job version of Lucifer was the truest version.


This is a funny show too and thought provoking.

Anyone watching

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