We went to our local McDs for lunch. We were going to go after the grocery store but we had to buy milk.

So we went to McDs first. There is a table of local newspapers so I took one and handed it to my mother while I went to order. I got the small Mocha Frappe since there is a sale on it. It used to be 2 dollars for a medium but now its 2 dollars for a small. I also got the 2 for $2.50 two McDoubles. I also got a spoon which is how I imbibe the Mocha Frappe. Drinking it from a straw can be painful. My mother had half of a McDouble and some of the frappe

The local newspaper has two sections. We each read a section then swapped it. I got the backhalf so I read Dear Abby and entertainment news. Once she was done the front section I read the front page and editorial page.

Now this McDs has a sign which I forgot about that says food must be consumed in 30 minutes. We spent 40 minutes. I noticed the sign when I put the newspaper back. I knew the sign existed I always make sure we are out in 30 minutes. Today I forgot.

Anyone work at McDs does manager come out? Is there a timer that’s unseen? Anyone been thrown out?