I own about 5 pairs of shoes. A pair of running shoes, cowboy boots, 2 flats and one clog type shoe I wear to work. But lately it's been rainy here in Texas, which is weird. Now my flats are pretty much ruined and I don't want to wear my fancy cowboy boots just to go to the grocery store.

Here's the catch: I don't like shoe shopping and I don't want to buy rainboots because as soon as I do, the drought will continue on and it will never rain again. My potential rainboots would sit lonely and unused in a closet where there really isn't space for them.

What type of shoes do I buy? Some kind of sneaker type? I wear a 10, sometimes 11 (thanks pregnancies!) I also have very flat feet so anything that isn't enclosed on the sides are out.

Tell me your favorite everyday shoes that are also durable! Thanks!