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As I mentioned a bit ago, I’m going to a conference in San Diego next month (so am still open to food suggestions). But, my main concern now is finding shoes (for walking to food). At the conference I will be mostly just sitting through seminars, but I know the convention center is huge and there will probably be a lot more walking than I am expecting. So, I need comfortable shoes for walking around in, but I want something a little dressier than a tennis shoe. Sandals would be okay, and location appropriate, but I’d like something I could keep wearing when I back home to Wyoming and could wear through the fall. I tend to wear penny loafers (work appropriate flats with no toe cleavage) for would the last few years. So, apparently I like that general style. I’ve been looking at some Danskos. Something like this, this, or this.

Any other brands you recommend? Maybe at a slightly lower price point (though I know walking shoes can be a bit of a “you get what you pay for”).


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