Okay, so I have a tendency to make off-hand comments that I don't expect people to take seriously. I made one such comment a week or two ago at work, and it wasn't so much taken seriously, as it was repeated to my boss, which he then took to mean that person had taken me seriously. Soooo, I was brought into the boss's office, and confronted with "If you have a problem with the marketing schedule, you need to just say it." Blammo. I had no idea what he was talking about, he repeated my comment which I had NOT intended as a dig at the person I was talking to, and I was so taken aback by it, I started to cry. Not full-on sobbing, but I did have to wipe away tears and explain myself. I said yes, I get frustrated, but that was in no way meant to be a dig at that person.

I sent a message to the person I'd made the comment to, and she assured me she hadn't taken it as an insult, but she did mention my frustration to the boss. I apologized and let her know my frustration was not with her at all, but I still couldn't quite pull it together after that.

So, another coworker offered me a Xanax and this time I accepted. I am currently giving no fucks. I hate offices.