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Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATE: I have consulted with my MOH, shoe idol/former boss, and sous-MOH. I did it. I bought the shoes. In all honesty I've been looking for over a year...nothing was patent and close-toed besides the Chelsea Restricted shoe, only available in a 9.

I mean who needs to eat food and buy prescriptions?

I am styling my rehearsal dinner look much like KMid's:

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I in no way pretend to look like her or be as cool, but give me this, it's (let's hope) my only wedding. I own a blue dress and a nice patent leather bow belt to go with it. I don't own these wedges.

They are 325 fucking dollars.

Not only would these finish off the outfit perfectly and fulfill my dream of having them ever since I first saw them, they're quite useful for summer work shoes.


I have looked high and low on the Internet for deals on these and for similar shoes. The only similar ones I can find are peeptoe, which I am not crazy about (peeptoe shoes hurt me so badly).

Please help, fashionistas of GT! I need you to talk me down, find an alternative, or tell me this is OK. Please note my wedding dress is wholesale J. Crew and I am wearing ivory gosgrain Toms with it.

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