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Shoe Recommendations

Hi Everyone. I have foot/joint problems, and I spend a lot of time on my feet, and I always have to wear supportive shoes. Not as much of a drag as it sounds like, but I have LIVED in these for the past couple of years (just replacing them as I destroy them) and I am sick of wearing the same shoes all the time.


Does anyone have any recommendations for some cute-enough everyday shoes? I really don't want to get into like, chunky cloggish crock-ish shoes - which is what everyone is always fucking recommending to me - I want to stay smaller and feminine and part of the reason I love those ones I linked to is I don't feel "work-y" in them. I feel that I can wear them wherever, and I have skinny feet and ankles and feel ridiculous in chunky shoes.

This is mostly about protecting my feet and joints and lower back, so that is why I'm looking for user-recommendations.


Additional Notes:

  • Will pay good money but don't want anything extravagant
  • My feet are narrow - I either need them to run skinny or come in narrow sizes
  • Don't have to be neutral colors or boring - I like to look a little mismatched!

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