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Shoeme.ca Online Shoes for Canadian Jezzies

So a while back, Zappos stopped delivering to Canada. Recently I discovered an online shoe store that does: Shoeme.ca

I got a email from Paypal offering me a $50 rebate if I bought shoes from Shoeme. I checked it out, and discovered that they offer a fairly good selection of wide shoes, which is good for Mr. Ivriniel, because he has EEE feet. He also HATES shopping. His old pair of work shoes died when he burst out of the side of them, but instead of buying new shoes, he was wearing an old pair of dress shoes that a former roommate of his left behind. (He also wore these to our wedding after he neglected to go shoe shopping prior to our wedding.) The problem is that these shoes are at least two sizes too big, and yet somehow also dig into his achilles tendon.


So I show him the website. At first he is skeptical about buying shoes online, but then we realize that they if you don't like the shoes, they will pay to have them shipped back, so we figure we might as well go for it.

Shoes have arrived, and they fit nicely. First pair of shoes he has had in a long time that he didn't have to wear with wet socks in order to stretch them and make them fit.


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