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shoplifting racism

One of my favorite jobs was Loss Prevention Agent for a large iconic American clothing retailer that has been around for decades. As I'm sure all are aware profiling is something most of us work hard to avoid. Our SVP once broke from a flowery prepared speech about diversity to say "If. You only watch people with red shirts you are only going to catch people with red shirts."

I digress.

Years ago on Black Friday my coworker and I spot three African American juveniles that have an ancient shopping back. They end up selecting and concealing two items and moving towards the exit. All of this is in under five minutes. As we begin our approach we focus on the two that have merchandise. Well in the shopping crowd of Black Friday one runs and the other ends up with a cop putting cuffs on her right there.


At first we think the cop knew who we were since with our profession a lot of cops knew us. Nope. He was called over by a shopper who said she was trying to rob us.

In the office I find out cops have also arrested the "runner" because they were told he tried to rob some young lady outside a store.

For the record coworker and I are white and well dressed. When we approached them the teens were leaving the store with bags that WE tried to take from the teens.

This one still bothers me. The cops were even upset about the blatant racism in the assumptions of people watching.


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