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Welcome To The Bitchery

GroupThink! I require your assistance for the never-ending world of clothes shopping!

I need a nice, good-quality white blouse. That clothing stalwart, workhouse, etc. Conditions:

1) Must be available in Canada. I can't go to JC Penny or Macy's or... *

2) Under $100. I know quality costs money, but I also know there are diminishing returns on cost vs quality for women's wear, unless I'm willing to spend $500 for a high-end designer and at that point I might as well get a tailor to make me a bespoke one from scratch.


3) Can go in a washer/dryer. Dry cleaning is something that I know exists, but I would rather avoid it.

4) This is the tough one: plus-size! Which cuts my options down. So yay.

5) I would also like it to be pretty. I like it when it tucks in at the waist and has nice cuffs and collars.


This picture has nothing to do with anything I just saw the skirt on Tumblr and it is so beautiful I had to share:

Illustration for article titled Shopping advice!

*However, in August I'm going to Darien Lake, NY so a stop at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo will probably happen. I can convince fiancé to do a quick stop if I know exactly what I'm looking for and can be quick. We will be all tuckered out from roller-coaster-ing.

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