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Welcome To The Bitchery

Shopping advice! Sheets

For my next Klan rally. JK! I need new sheets in the worst way. When I bought my new bed, I decided to go FULL ADULT, researched the hell out of sheets, thread count, brands, etc. Then I watched the sales like a hawk and bought several sets. Was entirely happy with the results.

But you know what happens when you buy sheets all at the same time? THEY ALL WEAR OUT AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. I need new sheets and cannot remember one fucking thing I learned about sheets back then. I have one pair of newer flannel sheets that are like being hugged all night, but it's getting too warm for them (hallelujah!)


So any Martha Stewart types or housewares/linen mavens out there? What should I be looking for? What's a reasonable price and at what stores/internet sites can I get the most bang for my buck (I'm in NYC)?


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