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Shopping and cooking on a budget

Now that Mr. Agador Spartacus and I are on our own, we're now needing to shop and cook for ourselves. We are both very lucky, as I grew up under the tutelage of budget cookers, and Mr. Agador Spartacus has a nose for deals like you won't believe. He is the best grocery shopping partner, partly because he is extremely frugal, but he also has experience as a store merchandiser. So his experience helps him out greatly, because he knows how to find the best price for more product.

We are also extremely lucky in that we live in an area that has several discount stores nearby, as well as a few Marketbaskets. We visited a couple the other night and found great prices on spices at one place - the most expensive spice I found was nutmeg and it cost $1.50. The rest were $1.00 or $0.75. I walked out of that store with a literal armful of seasonings and spices. There's also a health food store that allows us to buy spices in bulk.

I'm excited to get my kitchen up and running, despite having bare minimum cooking experience. Tonight I'm making spaghetti with some ground beef we found on sale - it was $2 off since it was close to its expiration date. I think that in total the dinner I'm cooking tonight will have costed around $6 or $7.


I'm finding it very satisfying to be frugal and make healthy dinners that can last us a few days. Again, I'm extremely lucky. It's nice to have to discount stores around - I can keep my pantry well stocked for maybe half the price.

What are your pantry staples and food saving tricks?

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