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So to take care of the brag...I got the job I wanted! Hehehehe :D Yay me!

And now for the shopping dilemma!

I want to reward myself with a kitchen island...it will be the primary counter space in my studio apartment. I currently have a small island/table thing but it isn't too nice looking and doesn't provide enough storage or counter space.


The thing is, the design of my "kitchen" puts some limits on what will fit. It looks like this:

Where the kitchen is recessed in a little closet, basically. As you see, there's no counter space because that little patch contains my dish drying rack.

Outside of the "closet kitchen" has a wall on the refrigerator side. I want the counter against that wall and extending out across the kitchen to kind of...close off the kitchen area, almost (if that makes sense) and get a counter that runs almost the full length of the closet, minus maybe a foot for a "door" to the kitchen. It will also be far enough out from the closet frame that the "door" will be sort of...diagonal? So the clearance between the island and the kitchen closet frame will be greater than just frame width minus island width, if that makes sense, which it probably doesn't.


The width from the wall the cart will be on to the other side of the kitchen is 66". Ideally I'm looking for a 48in- 50in kitchen cart.

I also definitely want it to have a drop leaf on the back so that I can set up 3 bar stools and have a place to eat/extra prep space as needed. That really limits my options.


I found this one:


Which is almost perfect...it's just a touch wider than I'd like at 53.75 inches. That doesn't include the spice rack or towel rack. I would definitely leave the spice rack off since that's the side that goes against the wall. TBD on the towel rack I guess.

Anyway, this cart appears to be my only option. It's offered on about 8327423 websites, sometimes under different names, but it's all this same cart. It's really the drop leaf that narrows things down to this option only. There are a few in the $800 price range, but that's certainly not what I'm looking to spend. I'd say $350 is about my maximum, maybe a litttttle flexible.


I've been googling and searching for months and found no alternates, but I think at this point I have tunnel vision.

Can any of you help me find another option? If not, I think I'll go with this one...it's just a bit wide and I could always move it out a bit further to give it more distance from the entrance. If you see it for any cheaper than the walmart price, I'd appreciate that too!


Sorry that this is a somewhat dull and confusing post but I'd really appreciate an extra pair of eyes searching the internet.

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