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Guys, I was cleaning up my kitchen today and I had an epiphany about how to use a little bit of important real estate a little bit better. But, for it to work, I need a small storage bin but I’m not having much luck. Help? Please?

I’m looking for something:

  • lidded
  • about 15 x 10 x 10 (in inches)
  • cute :) (this might be the hardest part: I’m finding a lot of stuff that looks like the typical Rubbermaid storage bin, but I’d like something cuter, since it will be visible in the kitchen)

(Like, this thing is fine but not something I want to look at every day, KWIM?)

  • able to withstand some weight (I’m looking to store baking tins in it)
  • able to withstand being tugged in and out of its little area semi-regularly

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, GT!

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