Well, I only spent $250 (so, a shopping spree for me, maybe not for you), but it was a bunch of shit from Old Navy, which feels like an insane amount of stuff. I hate that Old Navy's clothes are low-quality, but I also live in a goddamn swamp and have learned that no matter the quality of clothes I buy, come sweaty season, they only last one year.

I have been working my ass off this past month and a half - my normal job, then we were short staffed so I was doing another person's job, and then I got asked to take on an extra, separate role at work which I basically do in my spare time from home. Plus, I have sold 4 commissions this month (I'm a painter). So, 4x as many jobs as I intended to have. I am sleep deprived and sick, but commissions are come and go and we have replaced the people we needed to at work so things should slow down to a reasonable person's amount of working hours. FORTUNATELY most of that is hourly pay, and I just invoiced and got paid for all of it. PAIDDDDDDDDDDDD.

So to make up for sleep I need and a social life I have ignored, I have bought THINGS! Sweet, sweet things, to solve all my problems.

...I should really be saving for my wedding...which is most of the motivation for taking on this extra work. Also, my wienerdog is getting a major tuneup next week which will cost me a pretty penny. But THINGS!

On a related note, I pretty much refuse to work on salary these days. Sure - it's nice to have things like paid leave and stuff, but every salaried job I had in the past gave me the shittiest shit of benefits, and worked me like a dog for which I received little to no extra compensation. Contract work, FTW, friends.