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I was bored with work today, so around noon I headed over to the Salvation Army store (one of the dangers of being self-employed). Goodwill is my usual (seriously: that’s where I get almost everything but suits and shoes--and sometimes I do find shoes there) but I thought I’d try something different.

I was browsing generally, looking at all kinds of stuff I don’t need, because while I don’t really need anything, I’ve sort of wanted to get a leather jacket for a while, but my price cutoff for clothing is well below the $300+ I see for most.

So then I found one! It’s almost the same as this one:


Same style, same brand, same material, minor differences in design, because this one is a few years old. $35. I would have preferred brown, but I can stand black for the discount. Best of all? It fits.

So. What deals have you run into lately?

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