Just a quick story regarding dates and Doctor Who : )

My birthday is coming up, so last night I threw a party. One of my roommates friends, who I've only met once, came to the party. He's a pretty quiet, nerdy guy but very cute. He'd been wearing a bow tie when I met him, so of course I made a Doctor Who joke. Well he showed up to my party last night with a freaking Tardis cake. He and his mom took the time to make a damn 3d CAKE. Decorated and all. And since it's so warm in my area as of late, he was so apologetic because it melted and fell apart. Did I mention I've only met him once at this point?

Well, I woke up this morning and had a text from him, asking me out for coffee : ) So, we went for coffee and then walked around Wegmans, just to walk. I'm one of those weirdos who just like to walk around Wegmans and take in all the awesomeness. Guess what? He is too! It's so totally random how much stuff we have in common. It's a little scary, I've never met someone who just, fits this well before. I just wanted to share, since it's a beautiful day and I never have good things like this happen to me!