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Short-haired ladies!

Or ladies who have ever had short (like really short!) hair... I need product advice!

So, I posted the other day about how I cut off all my hair. I like it. But I need some product advice. I have a cowlick (or two) so my hair sort of sticks out and up at places. Is there anything I can do?? I also have a patch of hair that's shorter than the rest, but I can sort of cover it with my other hairs, except I can't get the other hairs to stay in place, so I have to comb it over ten times a day. So, is there a gel or something that would help keep it in place a bit better?

This is pretty close to what my hair looks like: picture! But mine is just a tad shorter.


Also, I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on hair product, so something I can get at a drug store or Target or somewhere like that would be nice.


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