I'm going to a fancypants awards ceremony on Monday. I picked out a dress, and I'm trying to figure out if it fits appropriately. Here's the dress (see pic 1 with black belt)

Now, I have ridiculous runners' thighs and a weird butt. So the fabric stretches tighter than on this here model. My dress fits a little more like this (see pic 2 with strappy yellow dress)-

It's not bandage-dress looking like this, but you can see my thigh muscles like this.

The back fits like this (see pic 3 with black dress)-


Obviously my dress is longer than this. But in terms of, erm, curvage, you can see my ass like you can see this model's ass. No panty-lines or anything - the fabric on my dress is too thick for that.

So...is this appropriate? ***Resolved. Dress is too tight**

If it's not appropriate, I may need GT to go dress shopping with me tomorrow. :D