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Should African Americans surrender fight against Confederate Flag

This was posed as a question in an article in thegrio . It was an interesting article but I think this is not just an African American issue but an issue about America. This flag is the American swastika in terms of the representation of the defense of slavery and that way of life. Millions were kept in slavery, after under this flag thousands were lynched and denied basic rights. Its also a flag of treason. This act of treason cost more American lives then all other wars put together until the Vietnam War. All over slavery.

No ALL Americans should view this flag with hatred and shame for what it represents and the acts in this flags name


One very interesting point the author brought out which totally caught my attention and curiousity was the show Dukes of Hazard. I recall when it first aired. I thought the show was just stupid, yet it did feature the confederate flag. The flag was on the main characters car. Yet I cannot recall any controversy about it. The author said little controversy. I can't even recall that.

Just again an interesting article I found.

And no all of us should not surrender.

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