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Should Have Bought This DVD For A Dollar Would You Have?

I saw this movie when it came out at the theater. I thought it was dumb. It is called Can’t Stop The Music about the Village People. Watching the trailer maybe now I would have found it fun. It has such a 1970s music feel to it.

Its a fun trailer lots of music.

For the young GTers the Village People were a disco music group that had upbeat songs. I will have to google them further. I was never sure if they were actually gay men or heterosexual men playing as gay men. The entire performance was an act a man dressed as a cop, another an American Indian, construction worker etc. I was never sure what was real and what was not.


I remember when I took water therapy classes in the 2000s the teacher was super religious and get annoyed when we would start singing YMCA.

The original music video YMCA. If you don’t want to sing along it makes me sad. Its a rare song in which one wants to join in.

I also have to look up Valerie Perrine. Had a bit of a crush on her.

Anyone seen the film? Any Village People fans?


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