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Should Hawaii 50 Continue W/O McGarrett?

Well Alex O’Loughlin said next year is it for him on Hawaii 50. Health reasons he is now taking stem cells for it seems cumulative injuries. My mother suspects it could be worse that he has, she noticed how much he does not move on the show and his weight loss. She though is not a doctor, nurse etc.

I think it should be the end of the series. Daniel Dae Kim is producing an ABC show called the Good Doctor so if that show is a success he has a show to go to.


I really would like Grace Park continue as Kono as being a head of a federal task force going after the sex slave industry in the US. Have Adam,.Jerry and Grover be part of the show. Essenially a H50 spinoff. The season finale showed how large of a sex slave network the Hawaii branch was part of and Kono flying off to another part of the network.

Have the end of H50 with Steve and Danno openning a restaurant named Steves.

Or should it continue without McGarrett? Or recast him? Although there are rumors Scott Caan may also leave.

Its the best show in tv with Lucifer and Major Crimes behind. Although I prefer slightly Major Crimes.

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