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Should I Ask for Donations?

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I have never had a Kickstarter, or a GoFundMe, or anything else like that. And I'm considering one. But I need to ask you, should I do it?


Well, duh, let me tell you what it would be for first. My office is participating in the BP MS 150 next April. It's a 150 mile charity ride from Houston to Austin that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I've worked with NMSS before for a charity event, and I liked what they did. (Correct me if I'm missing some information, they just seem decent.)

We have a local triathlon training business sponsoring us for the event next April. This includes twice a week learning sessions (free) that would train us for the ride, and nutrition guidance (also free) to make sure we're in proper condition for it. The training has just started, and I want to participate as soon as possible. Because although I'm not completely unconditioned to riding a bike (no saddle soreness), 150 miles is a long way. And it would be my first time going such a distance.


Now, all of this sounds good, until we come to the fact that I, predictably, do not own a bike. The store sponsoring us does sell decent entry level long distance riders. (For people who bike, Cannondale and Felt are the models they have.) But they're going for $800. Which I don't have just lying about right now. If I'm going to participate, I need it ASAP. I know $800 isn't a lot of money, but it's also a lot of money.

Is this something, that if you knew someone wanting to participate, you would feel comfortable donating to? I can pay for the hotels that I would need along the way, and any other expenses surrounding the event. I just don't have the money for the bike I need right this very moment.


What are your thoughts?

EDIT: I would also presumably be asking people for MS donations at a later date, which is the point of this, and I really hate badgering people for money. :(

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