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Should I Be Concerned?

I has a bit of an X-Acto knife incident today at the studio and sliced off a teeny tiny little bit of finger (RIP THE VERY TIP OF PSF'S LEFT POINTER FINGER. RIP). It was ow but didn't look too bad... I put pressure on it for a couple hours until it seemed like the bleeding had basically stopped and then bandaged it. I didn't bleed through the bandage so I assumed bleeding time was over. Cool. Awesome.

BUT NOT. Because I just changed the bandage after taking a shower and THE DAMN THING IS STILL BLEEDING. It's been almost 10 and a half hours... should I be concerned? Is this the end? Death by finger injury?*

*But really should I do something about this? I generally just try to ignore injuries until they go away.


ETA: Damn is it hard to type without using one of your index fingers.

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