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TMI this might squick you out (gross eye concern) but.....

So I've been feeling like there was something in my eye or like an inordinate amount of gross stuff/legañas. I just went to the mirror to investigate and tried to wipe away what I thought was some of that glassy/milky build up from the bottom right corner of my right eye. Well, it's not some kind of secretion - it looks like it's a part of my eyeball that has flapped up (the white part). When I move my eye side-to-side, it will sort of crinkle up when I look to the outside (toward my temple). It is still attached at where the colored part of my eye starts and I am not having any trouble seeing or anything, but I'm worried. What is going on with my eye?!? Should I call a doctor?

UPDATE: Called the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at the eye clinic. She didn't think it was any reason to be too concerned at the moment, as my vision wasn't being affected, but stressed that if I noticed any changes at all I should go to the ER. Thanks for everyone's help and making me call. You guys are the best!!


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