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Should I be mad? (update)

Update: My friend called and left a message, crying she was so happy. She’d been having a shitty day. She texted me the picture earlier today to show me how pretty they are. So, while I know what I wanted to send & what she ultimately received were entirely different, my mission was fully accomplished:) Thanks for all your great advice & opinions, GT!

Any florists or tangential professionals around here to help me out? I ordered flowers, FTD style, to send to a friend who just came home from the hospital. The arrangement was made local and delivered today and looked like this from the website:


It was supposed to be all roses, full size and spray. This is what was delivered (may be sideways because kinja):

I don’t know who the local florist is so I can’t contact them directly. Thoughts? Did I get ripped off?

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