So my sister moved in to my apartment about....three weeks ago. We're both in grad school and trying to skimp on expenses, and mostly it's been working out really well. We had a very difficult relationship growing up and barely spoke (not because of drama, just that we didn't stay in touch) for years, and just over the past couple/few years we've started becoming friends. This is just some background on why this is an awkward conversation to have with a close relation. She's also extremely sensitive to perceived criticism, which is a side effect of growing up with our mother.

Over the past three weeks, this is at least the fifth time I've come home to find her slurring her speech and stumbling and lurching around, usually on days when she has worked at home (today her office was closed for weather). I also get home after she's in bed pretty often, so I don't know about those days. I saw her refill her glass just now with this disgusting raspberry stuff that was left over from a boozeluck (it's like a potluck, but with booze) maybe a year ago. The liquor cabinet has been depleting, which I remarked on to her because I was concerned the cats were knocking them off. But she said it was her. I've been bothered by her drinking way too much at parties before, but drinking alone in the middle of the day to the point of drunkenness is something else. I enjoy the occasional cocktail or wine, but I drink very little (I do not like to be drunk, and at my advanced age the hangovers are brutal) and so I don't really understand people who drink for pleasure (no judgment, it's just like I don't understand the appeal of mushrooms) or therefore know if this is "normal."

Is this cause for concern? Should I bring it up to her? How?

I'm also really annoyed, I don't know if that makes me awful (but I suspect so). Drunk people are annoying by themselves, but her speech is slow and slurred and she keeps trying to talk during this movie that she wanted me to put in. I'm trying to do a bunch of other things and I don't have a hundred years for her to manage to say "Bechdel test." Also, who just comes in and drinks all someone's liquor? It's going to be really irritating if I can't keep any booze around because she'll drink it.