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Should I call CPS on my neighbor?

Backstory- First off, I live on military housing. My next door neighbor (we live in a duplex separated by a fire wall) moved in single with his 4 year old daughter last year. Last June, he comes out to us saying his daughter ran off. We call the cops and they find her like a 1/4 a way covered in her own feces. This past fall, a woman and that person's child moves in with him. I hear nonstop yelling and screaming at odd hours. I believe the child is special needs because she has a bus come to her house to take her to kindergarden (normally they only come to bus stops.)

What set me off is I saw the dad drive home with his daughter and his daughter was in the front seat and without a car seat. I have seen his girlfriend also not put her own son in a car seat. The son is like 3 or 4. The girl could not weight more than 40 or 50 pounds... she is tiny.

I really think something is off over there. My head exploded that they are driving their young kids around in the front seat.


My options are to forget it, call family advocacy on base or put a note saying the daughter needs to sit in back in either a booster or car seat.

Ugh, my neighbors are awful. My other next door neighbor has a boxer who is emaciated and they keep it tied on a short chain in the front yard.

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