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Should I call you out on your table etiquette?

I was at a Japanese restaurant with some friends the other day and several of them had really weird table manners with chopsticks and Japanese food. I'm Japanese-American, so it bugs me to see people do stuff like stick their chopsticks in their rice. But then again, I'm Japanese-American so I'm way too polite to say anything about it.

If you were in that situation, would you rather I say something about it, like "Oh hey, if you care, that's kind of rude to do"? Or would you rather I continue minding my own business and not say anything about it?


Edit: Have to clarify, eating rice with chopsticks is totally normal. It's just rude to leave them sticking out of the rice bowl, instead you're supposed to lay them over the top. Other weird things: spearing food, passing food from chopstick to chopstick.

Edit2: If you're curious, I think this guide is pretty good: http://justhungry.com/your-guide-bet…. All the things my mom and grandma used to give me the stink-eye for doing.

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