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Should I cheat?

On my stylist?

She does an amazing job, and I’ve been over all very happy the last five years I’ve been going to her. I’ve even referred a number of my friends to her, because she’s that good.



I’m growing out my pixie cut to a chin-length bob, and have been for about a year now. She knows this, but she keeps cutting graduated layers.

The longer my hair gets, the more these under-cut graduated layers look like a middle-aged mom haircut. And honestly, it feels counter-productive to what I’ve told her I want.

I can’t tell if there’s a good reason that she’s doing this, or she’s just kind of on auto-pilot with my hair.


So... should I have a blunt, come-to-Jesus, no-more-layers, no-more-razor talk with her next time I go in? (Whether I can do that without letting my frustration show is another question.) Or, should I take a break from our relationship for a while and start fresh with someone else?

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