I read about it here:

As you may remember, I did the buzzfeed "clean eating challenge" last August, and I really liked it as a way to learn more about cooking/meal planning and kick off some healthier eating. After 3+ weeks of really shitty eating (and way more of a double chin than I had before), I need to get back in the habit of healthy eating and meal planning and this could be a good way to start it. On the other hand, this one seems really fish heavy, and I don't do fish (well, I've branched out to salmon and tuna, but I'm allergic to shellfish and when I had to eat cod for the buzzfeed one I almost threw up) and these things are generally a lot of work. On the other other hand, I hate meal planning myself (it's so much work!) and it could be nice to learn to cook some new stuff. Help me out, guys, I hate making decisions.

Edit: I couldn't talk the Constable into doing it with me, and the recipes are geared for more than one person (except the lunches and snacks? I don't really get it...) so I'm not going to do the whole thing, but I do think I'll draw inspiration for some of my future meal planning, that I'm definitely planning on getting back into, so I'll let you guys know how it goes!