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Should I Foster a Cat?

I volunteer at an animal shelter here in Chicago and failed a previous foster (aka, couldn't bear to give the little brat back and gave her a permanent home). Today, an e-mail went out to all previous foster parents asking us if we'd be willing to foster a cat for a month...

I'm really torn on this. On the one hand, the foster period has a definite end date and the cat would probably be adopted out at the end of the foster period to somebody. I'd also be giving a cat a home and a hooman for a month and would be able to give it a break from the shelter.


On the other hand, I know how easily attached I get to animals. Chels was supposed to be a 2-week foster (who has now lived with me for over 3 years). If the cat goes back to the shelter and, during a subsequent visit to the shelter, I see it still hasn't gone to a home, I'd be sorely tempted to bring it home with me and break my 2-permanent-resident-cat rule.

Help me, GT. What do I do?

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