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Should I Get My Hair Cut?

I scheduled a hair appointment for a few days before my birthday. I don't know if I should cancel, because I don't know if my hair is already looking good. I need opinions!

A few months ago I got an inverted bob, and now the back is all short while the sides are all long. I'm at the point where I can put it in pigtails at least (Super cute by the way), but I still miss my long hair. But I feel like I can't exactly do what I want with it. I think an inch to get rid of the split hairs, and some layers? Maybe?


It's a hug mess right now, but here's how it looks from the side:

Illustration for article titled Should I Get My Hair Cut?

I would post the front, but sadly I have a face. Let's just say it looks good.

Thoughts? Again, it looks better nice, but it looks like Jackie O on crack too.

Jackie O On Crack is also the name of my make believe screamo band. Our debut song would be "Pill Popping In My Pillbox Hat (Is How I Roll)", and the remix would include the ghost of punk Buddy Holly and Oscar, The Wizard Of The Mission District Represent. You should probably look at my random shit post to understand who Oscar, The Wizard Of The Mission District Represent is.

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