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Should I Go Bald? The Handy Flowchart Guide!

I really became a fan of Britney Spears when she went bald because it just got her so much flack and really, who hasn't wanted to do something crazy when life is JUST SO CRAZY. But maybe baldness isn't the way to move forward in those cases. At other times, it is a definite improvement in life and a total win....

It can be SO HARD to decide on baldness, so I had to make this flowchart!

My husband is bald and he has more of the Jason Statham thing going (anything Jason can do in a movie my husband can do in real life!) LOL. So he is option #1. Jason says so.


So if any of you are going to be making this decision, let me help you...

SHOULD I GO BALD? Here is the flowchart!

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