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Welcome To The Bitchery

This involves a description of my infected toe so stay away if you're squeamish

So I get mild ingrown toenails pretty often and I deal with them myself. Usually this is fine , I trim a little bit off the side to relieve the pressure until they grow back. It's not the best idea, but I've been doing it for years and it's whatever.

Every once in a while I will cut/pick too deep and open up the skin which lets bacteria in and get a mild infection that goes away in two or three days. It drains a bit, throbs for a while but my immune system does its thing and it heals fine. I want to emphasize that it's really never been a huge deal before.


I did this about a week ago, noticed it was red and swollen, figured whatever, it'll go away like it always does. Except this time it hasn't. It's been about a week and it's still tender and I'm still squeezing a small amount of pus out of my toe a few times a day. Last night it was throbby and hurty enough to keep me from sleeping. Today, more pus. Still hurts.

Should I be concerned? I am not a person that goes to the doctor. I have been to urgent care maybe once in the last 10 years for a bad cold. I'm also not a complete dumbass, though, and I don't want to lose my toe to fucking staph or whatever. I am covered under my state's medicaid program so conceivably I can go to the doctor for this without paying out of my asshole right? I don't really know how my insurance works tbh.

So should I figure this shit out and go to the doctor or wait to see if it clears up like it has in the past? If I do go to the doctor what are they gonna do?

Edited to add: so far my treatment has been to do an Epsom salt soak each night and try to keep it clean. That's about it.

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