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Should I make breakfast/dinner?

It's 2:00 in the morning. I somehow managed to not eat lunch until 5:00 PM (and it was a small lunch), and then had some frozen yogurt around 9:00 PM, with every intention of making a semi-real dinner when I got home... but nope. Didn't happen. So now it's 2AM and the parents aren't home and my brother's asleep and I'm still pretty hungry.

The problem is slightly exacerbated by the fact that there isn't a ton of food in the house, and I've basically subsisted on various combinations of carbs and cheese for the past few days. So that narrows me down to... eggs? Yeah, basically eggs. Maybe some soup.

So now I'm off to try the previously unknown portmanteau meal of dinkfest, hopefully without waking anyone up. Eggs ho!


UPDATE: I had some eggs, with some cheese and tortilla per FlarfenFoofenoogan's suggestion, and it was fucking delicious. Thank you to all, and to all a good night.

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