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I was out of town for a few days recently, and boarded my cat at her regular boarding facility, which is a vet’s office that offers boarding as well (this is not her primary care vet). I’ve used this place for years, and they were particularly helpful when my dear departed doggo Guido had bad arthritis and needed a lot of extra care, which I really valued. My current cat has terrible allergies (she was mostly bald and covered in scabs from scratching when we adopted her) which are mostly under control now through a daily oral dose of prescription medication.  

Unfortunately, there were some serious issues when my husband and I picked up Strudel on Sunday afternoon after our flight landed. I paid, then the staff person handed me her carrier and then immediately walked off. I called out after her to ask if kitty had received her medicine that day (I didn’t want to double-dose her) and she laughed and said “oh, no, we lost her syringe”. The syringe comes with the medicine and the dosing is by pounds, not ml, so they didn’t have any backups to use. I had to call in a new scrip at my vet’s office Monday morning, and when I went to dose her from the old bottle, I discovered that someone there had pushed the bottle cap all the way inside to the bottom the bottle, rendering the medication contaminated and unusable. In addition, I think that they had left her carrier in the kennel and had allowed her to use it as a litterbox, as there were feces inside and the whole thing reeked of urine.


So, for TL;DR, the boarding place fucked up her medicine, made my cat ride home trapped in a warm toilet (she howled the whole way), and made me miss a volunteer meeting Monday morning because I had to frantically refill her prescription so she wouldn’t have to spend another night miserably itchy. To top it off, I sent them a polite email detailing my concerns and they haven’t seen fit to call or email me back. I don’t use Yelp, but is this my best recourse? The medication thing is what really concerns me, as they are known for medical boarding and if they’re fucking up medications, that’s just unacceptable. Silly pic of my poor Strudel-bear below!

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