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Should I Sell My American Girl Dolls?

A facebook friend posted this Buzzfeed article about it. Apparently, they recently retired Molly! I also have the already retired Kristen and the article notes that Addy might not be far behind because she was released in 1993. Mine is signed by the author of the books which might make it more collectable? They aren't in mint condition but I was always very careful with them and they are carefully put away.

However, the sentimental side of me remembers that the dolls - Molly, especially - really mark a turning point in my childhood. From when we were really struggling to when my dad was both touring and teaching regularly (musician), my mom got a better teaching placement and could quit her other job, and our family finally started making good money - enough to purchase me an expensive doll for Christmas (the others were from relatives). My mom even suggested that I sell them but I doubt she remembers how important that doll was to me - I carefully cut out Molly from the catalog and taped her to my door where she remained for years. All of my friends wanted Samantha but I liked Molly because she had glasses like me. But I'm also overly sentimental/sensitive about everything. It's a piece of plastic. But them I don't know, maybe I'll want to give them to my brothers' kids or if I end up having my own which is not on the current life plan


Welp. This is making me think way too much about how I'm turning 30 this year and am not where I want to be in my life. THANKS DOLLS.

Anyway, should I sell these dolls that I'm now angry at?

ETA: You guys are solidifying my initial decision to not sell them. I might try and sell some of the modern outfits I got for them?

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