I've been at a Provincial courthouse for the last 4 hours. I have to do a courtroom observation of a criminal trial for a class assignment and so far there's been 40 minutes of witness testimony for the sole criminal trial being held today, and about 3 hours of random family court stuff (PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT PEOPLE). It's lunchtime and court doesn't resume for another hour. I am bored, and my back hurts from hunching over to write. I think I've surmised what the defense is trying to claim happened vs. Crown's version of events. Do I need to stay? It's a 4000 word assignment on "observations" compared to the course material.
My observations:
1. this takes fucking forever.
2. Courtrooms have bad lighting that hurts my eyes.
3. Lots of the judges at this courthouse today are women, and that's cool.
4. Don't try to act as loss prevention at the retail store you work at. It's dangerous and you're not paid to do it. People will steal, and if the company you work for doesn't want to pay for LPO's, it's their loss. Don't chase thieves!
5. Canadian criminal trials are so friendly. Lawyers call each other "my friend"! How cute.
6. Make friends with one of the Sheriffs. Their job is pretty boring and they like to make friends who aren't actually players in the system because that means they can make faces at you during the trial. BF4L.

ETA: the most important observation I've made today is that the new Loreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain I bought yesterday is amazing and one application has lasted the whole day. Go buy it!