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Edited: I cannot take my kitten home for Christmas. :(

This post was to see if any cat owners want to weigh in on the whole travel/leave alone debate, but apparently all of my transportation options do not allow pets at all. So I don't have a choice!! This is still worth discussing because I could rent a car in the future. But that feels kind of ridiculous?

Our kitten will be approaching six months* when we leave for Christmas. Since we got her, we changed our Christmas plans from 2 weeks back home to 4-5 days each - it seems really difficult to shorten that further because of all of the family obligations. My partner and I have both had cats in our homes before, and never had a problem leaving them for a few days on vacation (with an arranged person feeding them, of course), because we both had very solitary cats who barely noticed we'd left.


But she did not turn out to be like that. So we don't want to leave her alone!!

I know that cats are supposed to be independent. But she doesn't seem to be. If she can't come in our bedroom all night (ex. is trying to dig up the carpet while we're sleeping), she wines and acts like the happiest cat in the world when you come out in the morning. She is very people-oriented, and is always in the same area as a person, even if she's doing her own thing. Right now she is playing with a toy about a foot away from my feet and chirping at me.

The best my partner and I have been able to manage is leaving her alone for 3 days, if we time our exits and departures a certain way (ex. he will leave earlier than me, come back earlier than me). The longest she's ever been alone is 12 hours besides night-time, when we aren't really gone, and come out to go to the bathroom and stuff.

My landlord has offered to feed and water her, but I know she won't have time to hang out and cuddle with her. We also don't have any friends in the city over Christmas that we trust enough to have them cat-sit for us. I'm not worried about our furniture - I love the little bugger, and if she destroys my couch because she's lonely, I could never hold that against her.


Any advice? Is there something magical I can buy her that will entertain her for days? Do you have a kitty monitor to make sure she didn't choke on something and DIE?

What should we do? :(

*I know this is probably paranoid, but since this is around the age she should get fixed, I am also terrified that she will go into heat when we aren't here.

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