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Should I take these antibiotics?

So I’ve been sick for a week and a half now. A week ago, I developed a cough that’s had me pretty damn miserable, keeping me from sleeping and waking me up every single night. All my symptoms indicate bronchitis or possibly an upper respiratory infection. Everything I’ve read about these conditions indicates that they generally have a viral basis and will clear up on their own in 2-3 weeks. I’ve been doing all the home treatments I can (tons of liquids, chicken noodle soup, tea with lemon and honey, OTC DayQuil and NyQuil, guaifenesin, cough drops, Vitamin C, sleeping upright, salt water gargle).

At my SO’s insistence, I called my doctor (OB/GYN who I see generally just see once a year for my well woman exam) and spoke with the nurse. She relayed everything to the doctor, and he called out a Z-Pack for me and suggested Robitussin. (Of course, the active ingredients in Robitussin are identical to what I’ve been taking, so I know that’s not actually going to help my symptoms—boo.) My concern is that everything I’ve read from very reputable sources (the CDC, Mayo Clinic, and medical journals) indicates that antibiotics are unnecessary for this sort of illness. I’m absolutely the type to take antibiotics when I need them (hello, UTI! Why yes, I would love to smite you!), but I hate the idea of taking them basically as a placebo that is not at all harmless in this age of growing antibiotic resistance.


So my question is, would you take these prescribed antibiotics?

Update: I have begrudgingly purchased and taken the first dose of my Z-Pak. Here’s hoping the yogurt I ate with it staves off the potential yeast infection!

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