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Actually I am amazed there has not been one made. As a child in the 70s I loooooved the Three Stooges on TV. My fav and still fav is Shemp. Anyways it was on tv today and I thought every time a remake is made it fails. Curly made me feel uncomfortable since he came across as someone with learning disabilities and it came across as abusive what Moe did. Of course in the seventies I was just uncomfortable with it, I put it in better words later on.

Who would you cast for the Three Stooges? I would cast Jennifer Saunders (AbFab) or Ana Gesteyer (sp? Suburgatory) in the Moe role. Both are ideal. Amy Poehler in the Larry role. For Shemp I would gamble and cast Emily Duschanel (Bones). Emily to me comes across as a 40s era actress who could do drama today and a comedy tomorrow, which many did back then like Katherine Hepburn.

Thoughts? Should it be made?

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