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Shout out to my mom for putting up with my shit as a kid

I've been talking to my mom a lot more lately and I have so much guilt for what I put her through when I was a kid. I mean like, 5-10 years old. We had this conversation the other day about the night terrors I used to have and I dumbly asked if she remembered those (of course she did).

She told me my dad used to make fun of her for being able to hear my screaming almost before it happened and she would bolt up to my room seconds after it started and hold me until I stopped screaming and really woke up.

I remember one night she spent a really long time convincing me that she had bones in her body. I had a night terror that no one had bones and everyone flopped around laughing at me for thinking people had bones (it was a lot scarier to my kid self).


And then we sat on the stairs leading up to my room and ate breaded chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and stayed as quiet as possible because if my dad knew I was up I'd be in trouble (and probably my mom, too).

I feel bad for scaring her like that all the time. But she dealt with it in the best way.

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