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#ShoutYourBlessing bullshit

Can I just vent for a minute about this hashtag? I grew up in a super Bible Belt suburb. Even though my family wasn’t religious, I went to a private Christian school until 10th grade when I thankfully moved to public school. I am still FB friends with a bunch of my old classmates and their out-of-wedlock-pregnancy stories have shown up today on FB with this hashtag. I have never seen such privilege when reading these stories and they are getting nothing but love and praise for their stories. I just can’t.

In light of the bill against late-term (20+ weeks) abortions being shot down by the Senate today, there is celebratory trend of “hashtag shout your abortion” going around. This is just sad .

With that being said ;I would like to be a part of the #shoutyourblessing trend where women are sharing their stories about their “unplanned” blessings.


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