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I have been pretty absent past couple weeks - while taking care of my dad I cut myself off of most social media outlets besides doing PR for my performance troupes. Those three weeks with him were both really pleasant and really concerning. I have a certain level of guilt and anxiety about not doing more/not staying longer to help more progress occur. We will see how he is by the end of this week to determine if my guilt is warranted I suppose.

In any case, we have our big Fall local show this weekend - Local troupe Presents Darkness. Its a Halloween-ish show with a rough theme so that we could have all types of styles and humors presented to a larger audience than every before! I’ve spoken about the numbers I worked on for this show and the ones I may have tabled for another time (Cannibal burlesque and Thank God I’m Pretty being the ones I just didn’t have the time to finish). It is excited to have a final show order!

  1. Against the Law - Scary prisoner escapes burlesque jail
  2. Know My Name - Lucifer Morningstar pays a visit, when getting sigantures is not going well, she decides to put on a show to convince people to come over to her side of things
  3. You’re Tasty - a hungry Vampire is trying to get at the audience
  4. XXX Files - Scully is abducted by aliens, they have her tease to different covers of the theme music
  5. Paint it black - silk fan flow piece of a witch embracing and understanding her pain can be inspiration
  6. Good Girl - that girl who is alway prostelizing? She’s got a few little secrets she’d like to enjoy away from prying eyes.
  7. Girls Girls Girls - an aslum of hysterical women terrorize the visiting doctors and overrun the facility.


  1. I need a Gansta - Harley Quinn transforms and becomes her villainous self
  2. Fallout - The Nuka Cola girl is running an ad... and then the end of the world happens
  3. Sickness - feather fan zombie reveal
  4. Dangerous Woman - vampire victim meets the queen and learns the joy of BDSM and turns to be a drone
  5. Bloody Mary - Woman becomes possessed and learns to glory in her heathen body
  6. Fingers Walking - Bride of Frakenstein wakes up and needs some satisfaction
  7. Chair - a victim from the audience is seduced by a creature
  8. You Don’t Own Me - Catwoman transforms and becomes her villainous self

This show definitely took a more kitschy turn than expected - there were a lot of darker numbers suggested earlier in the season however I think those numbers (numbers about beauty standards, gun violence, suicide) were shifting other people to choose more light hearted pieces. A lot of those earlier dark numbers were either dropped due to life changes (dad dying, new job etc) or it was just realized that the number was lovely but didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the show. I think the show is the strongest one we have had in ages and has a lot of fun ideas in it.


I am not wholly content with the show order, but I can see where our producer was going with the story line. I am also excited because he is our MC and has planned his own character arc as a Nightvale/Twilight Zone type host where his ads and conversations get darker and more surreal as the show continues.

Tech week starts tomorrow, so today is my day to get back into my day job, reconnect with friends who I have not talked to on Social Media and not have anxiety attacks as well as organizing my costumes, props, and makeup for the week.



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