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Today at a thrift shop I saw this book and thought “oh must be a novel based on the show”. So I sat down with it and realized Baa Baa Black Sheep was based on a real person Gregory Boyington and a real squadron Black Sheep Squadron.

The show was based on this. The show was later called in syndication Black Sheep Squadron. It was about a squardron of misfits who were combat pilots in WW2 in the Pacific Theater.


My memory of the show and keep in mind I was a preteen is “show was awesome”. If I saw it again I may come to different conclusion.

Any show you discovered was based on true people and you had thiught otherwise or forgot it was based on real people. I think I forgot since in the openning credit the announcer said it was based on Boyington exploits. I looked it up just now.

Also anyone recall the show?

Now I wonder if Star Wars Rogue Squadron was inspired by this book and show? A Black Sheep is akin to going Rogue.

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