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Shrill: Who's Watching & What Are Your Thoughts

Got into Shrill last night and had to stop myself after ep 5 b/c it was midnight. There are only 6 episodes so I’ll have something to look forward to while I slowly die of boredom during my son’s Cub Scout meeting tonight.

Anyway, the entire cast is fantastic (Aidy Bryant is excellent) and I’ve been enjoying it. I loathe her “boyfriend” Ryan and I’m not jazzed about how he’s written to be both awful and lovable (verdict: he’s awful, dump his loser ass). Thank god for BFF Fran (Lolly Adefope) and her sanity check.

I know there was MP coverage on Jez so many of you are already familiar with the concept and that it’s based on Jez alum Lindy West’s book of the same name.


Anyone else get distinct “Gawker Media doesn’t give a fuck about our trolls*” vibes from Annie’s request to her boss about shutting off comment alerts?

*If you missed out on how bad that shit show got, trolls were flooding Jez comments sections with disturbing images and gifs. GM mgmt didn’t take action until it spread to the ~other~ sites and Jez writers put them on blast for it. And now I can never unsee a toothbrush shoved up a penis hole.

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